O3PO® marine omega-3 powder, nothing but pure natural qualities...

Welcome to the world of inOmega3.

Your future partner in marine omega-3 innovation.

We empower people of all ages to choose a better healthier life by offering our marine omega-3 powder ingredient, which can be added to any food product with absolutely no smell and taste in the end-product.

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  • Prodexpo 2019
    inOmega3 will be at Prodexpo 2019 (11-15 February) in Moscow, Russia. Get in contact with us at +45 2941 8878 https://www.prod-expo.ru/en/...
  • Anuga 2019
    inOmega3 will be at Anuga 2019.Get in contact with us at +45 2941 8878...

About us

We are driven by a passion and desire to enable your success.
What we make - the product

The inOmega3 ™ O3PO® powder ingredient can deliver evidence-based health claims to your enriched food products. For example; bread, biscuits, ice cream, yoghurt, confectionary, sausages, pâté and much more, the only limit is your imagination.

Sustainability and naturalness are paramount for the best result, and we do not compromise on quality nor taste.

Who benefits from the ingredient - the customer

We want to empower people to choose a better, longer life, by creating new and healthier foods and ingredients, based on unique omega-3 concepts with high innovation value and documented clinical evidence.


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