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About us

We are driven by a passion and desire to enable your success.
We want to be the best at what we do - the Team

At inOmega3 the employees are our most valuable resource. inOmega3 has nurtured a team of highly qualified employees with commitment, creativity and above all the specialised knowledge required at all stages of food production, to achieve a high-quality end-product. Our team of Technical Product Managers has accumulated several years of experience in ingredients and food industry from developing innovative solutions for a variety of applications, to meet the demanding customer requirements.

Our goal is your success - customer motivation

The informed consumer is aware of the importance that all essential vitamins and anti-oxidants are available in the daily diet. The European Food Safety Authority recommends a minimum of 250 mg marine omega-3 (EPA & DHA) daily to contribute and maintain health-related functions e.g. heart, brain and eyes, etc. EPA/DHA fortified staple food products improve the overall health for the whole family and contribute to obstructing looming lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes.

The trend displays the consumers desire for more expensive fortified products if it has transparency, sustainability, high sensory performance.

Highlighting omega-3 with EPA/DHA has excellent promotion value, considerable consumer attention and Good Profit Margin.

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